An API to integrate UDP/IP with traditional REST services

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About UdpApi.com

UdpAPI is a service that offers a service which listens on specified UDP ports, and will forward data received on these ports to a HTTP webservice of your choice. It also allows you send UDP packets via our REST API.

UDP - Save 50% on your data costs for IOT devices

UDP can half the bandwidth useage of your IOT device with respect to the more normal TCP/IP. If your IOT device is communicating over expensive cellular data networks, and is particularly 'chatty' then this can save you significantly on your costs. All this without having to re-write your back-end code, or alter firewall rules.

  • Save on data costs
  • Reduce latency
  • Increase performance

With UdpAPI.com, you modify the code in your IOT device to send a UDP packet to our server at a port that we provide you with, and we will forward the data via HTTP-POST to a URL endpoint of your choosing. We monitor for errors, and keep track of your bandwidth usage, so that you can keep an eye on problems in real-time.


Free for early adopters!

We are rolling this early version for free to early adopters. In the future, if we do introduce charges, they won't apply to people registed at this early stage.

Supported on all platforms

UDP is not a new technology, it is available as part of the IP stack on any device that communicates with the Internet, so you won't need custom hardware or drivers.

Arduino - use the EthernetUdp.h header file
Raspberry pi - use the socket package in Python
Curl / C# - the UDPAPI transmission API with Curl / C#

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